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Mindfulness Training

Enhancing your life--personally and professionally

“The mind does well what the mind does often”


Life comes at us fast and furious these days. A friend described it as “trying to drink from a fire hydrant!” Often we end up reacting to others and circumstances rather than responding effectively with sensitivity and grace. Mindfulness Training will quiet your mind so that you respond to people and situations with amazing appropriateness; enhancing both your personal and professional life.


  • New thought patterns— “observe, describe, then engage”
  • To develop a “Teflon” mind vs. a “Velcro” mind
  • To process pressure, expectations, and anxieties—both internal and external
  • To see yourself, loved ones and business opportunities with a new and uncluttered perspective
  • To control your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you
  • Daily practices that will retrain your mind to process information effectively “in the moment”
  • Practical exercises that will break habitual reactions and enhance effective responses
  • To defeat the “tyranny of the urgent”
  • To break the shackles of “multi-tasking” and to feel good about doing “one thing at a time”

Don Burroughs, MA, LPC, has been leading Mindfulness groups and helping individuals for several years in various settings—business, church, mental health, social, marital. Over the last 30 years he has helped individuals, groups, and organizations go from surviving to thriving. Mindfulness Training will help you reach your full potential personally and professionally. 

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