Mindfulness Training Steps

“I could have had a V-8!” Do you remember that commercial? (I know, it dates me.) Everyone experiences regret for a spoken word, an action or a feeling. We figuratively (or maybe, literally,) slap ourselves in the forehead. We bemoan what we...

Feeling Sad or Anxious?

Everyone experiences feelings of sadness and anxiousness. But sometimes feeling sad or anxious can lead to bouts of depression or worse. So how do you prevent those feelings from moving from a temporary mood to a problem? Try MBCT Core...

Don Burroughs


  • Masters in Professional Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Don understands that when the mind is stressed; so is the spirit and body. He can help you implement healthy strategies for improving your overall wellbeing. This multi-dimensional approach is ideal for individuals are looking for mental, emotional, and/or spiritual solutions.
  • He has taught, led, and facilitated small groups for 30 years. He has motivated and inspired individuals and groups, from 10 to 4000, literally all over the world. He has spoken at retreats, conferences, and workshops.
  • Don’s clients include adolescents and adults. He is an excellent teacher and communicator. He has an amazing ability to grasp complicated issues, and can communicate them in a simple and effective manner.