Everyone experiences feelings of sadness and anxiousness.

But sometimes feeling sad or anxious can lead to bouts of depression or worse. So how do you prevent those feelings from moving from a temporary mood to a problem?


Core Counseling and Coaching uses Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT combines two different therapy concepts:

Mindfulness – Observing your thoughts, feelings and body in the present moment and calmly acknowledging them. It is the concept of viewing your state of mind and body, instead of being taken over by it.

Cognitive Therapy – Therapy technique that teaches people how to challenge their negative thought patterns.

Core Counseling teaches mindfulness techniques to help you break negative associations with your emotions. Using meditation and other breath and thought exercises, you will retrain your thinking about feelings like sadness, frustration and fear. The program includes a lot of out-of-office practice, so be prepared to give time to homework!

Here is an example of a simple mindfulness exercise:

Get a new type of chocolate or other special treat you have not enjoyed recently. Find a quiet place. Before you eat, open the package, close your eyes and focus on the scent. Take a piece out of the package and take in each visual aspect off the treat. Then, place it in your mouth and let it sit there. Observe the flavors you encounter. Notice the texture. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your treat. When you swallow, follow the sensation down your throat. Continue this process with the rest of your treat.

After you are done, make a mental note of your experience. Did the treat taste better than normal? What did you notice?

The idea of this meditation is to teach you to be observant of your experiences – a small, but important aspect of mindfulness training. Are you ready to begin?

Core Counseling & Coaching

When you’re feeling sad or anxious, reach out to Don Burroughs at Core Counseling. Don understands that when the mind is stressed, so is the spirit and body. He can help you implement healthy strategies for improving your overall wellbeing. This multi-dimensional approach is ideal for individuals are looking for mental, emotional, and/or spiritual solutions.

Contact Don to learn about improving your wellbeing.